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Escape game, also called exit game, is an adventure for a group of friends, family or a team of co-workers who want to have fun, face challenges and, last but not least, are eager to cooperate. Escape game is a mixture of secrecy, mystery and discovering.

Do you fancy secret codes, cracking riddles and uncovering hidden truth? Are you interested in finding out what dwells inside you? Or maybe try out whether you are better than the others? Then our game TRAIN ROBBERY is made exactly for you. It is designed like a train station with all the necessary equipment. Players are faced with solving a crime mystery and they have to overcome thieves that have stolen a valuable item.

Experience yourself how it is like to be locked up with your friends in a room full of mysteries, where nothing is the way it seems. Once the door has closed behind you, it is only up to you to uncover all of the secret surprises, solve the riddles and then run away in time!

A big plus of the TRAIN ROBBERY is the choice of riddles. The authors put a big effort into making the puzzles interesting and the solution often unpredictable. The riddles aren't easy, players will find it difficult to complete the task.

However, it takes no special abilities or knowledge. Age is not crucial, adults have the same chance of succeeding as younger players. That's also the reason behind our popularity among family teams. And many times have children proven themselves more clever than their parents.



Do you wish to strengthen relationships in your company? Escape game TRAIN ROBBERY will keep you entertained and make you think hard at the same time.

You will learn a great deal about yourselves and also find new ways to cooperate in difficult situations.


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