Questions and answers

How to find us?

The escape room TRAIN ROBBERY can be found on the street Na Spojce 87/8, Prague 10 – Vršovice, three-minute walk from the football stadium Bohemians. The best way is to take a tram or a bus from the station Bohemians. If you're taking a car and do not find a parking spot nearby, you can park in the shopping centre Eden from where it takes approximately 10 minutes. Have a look at more detailed description and map.

Who can play?

The game TRAIN ROBBERY is meant for everyone who likes fun, games, is open-minded and enjoys facing challenges. Rail fans will especially love it here.

Can children play too?

Riddles aren't the easiest, but are crafted so that even children can have fun solving them. It takes logic but no encyclopedic knowledge. Family teams are welcomed!

Can 6 players play as well?

The game is made for 2 to 5 players. If you wish to come in six, we won't argue, but you might not enjoy the game as much.

When should we come?

It's best to come 5 minutes before the reservation. Do not come earlier because you might meet the previous team. That way you could misheard some essential information, which could ruin your game. If you come later, you lose valuable time.

How to prepare?

No special preparation is needed. Put on some comfortable clothes and do not forget good mood.

You probably understand we do not let in drunk or drugged people and will kick out people who attempt to destroy furniture, do not respect the staff's orders or behave aggressively.

What can we expect?

Once you come, the game master will take you downstairs, where is the escape room located. You will be briefly explained the rules and then proceed to the room itself. Door locks behind you and then it's up to you whether you get out in time.

More about the game here.

How much does it cost?

The game costs 1399 crowns per group. You can pay in cash after the game has ended.

How to book a date?

You can book online in our booking system or make a reservation via call on +420 774 575 425. You can also write an email to info@escape-adventure.cz.

Can I change or cancel the reservation?

Sure, but do it at least 24 hours before the booked date. Call us on +420 774 575 425 or write an email to info@escape-adventure.cz.

Can the game experience be gifted?

Gift voucher na hru Escape Adventure can be an unusual gift for your friends. You can order it, the price stays the same (1399 crowns). Contact us via e-mail info@escape-adventure.cz or call +420 774 575 425.