TRAIN ROBBERY – Thursday 1. 1. 1970, 01:00–02:00

 česky  Česky       English  English
  • 60 minutes
  • 2–5 players
  • 1 399 CZK (weekend)

Terms and conditions

1. Definitoins

Escape Adventure is a designation of a legal individual: Aleš Krupička, IČO: 42 54 12 04.

2. Online booking

Customer will receive booking confirmation via email, which contains name of the escape game, name of the customer entered during the on-line booking, date and time of the reserved game, price and chosen game language for the communication with the game's staff.

3. Liability restrictions

a. Our liability

Players are participating in Escape Adventure's activities on their own risk. Escape Adventure holds no responsibility for injury of any kind, deaths, losses, damages, expenses, for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or following damages or property damage connected to participating in the game or exploiting Escape Adventure's premises. Hereby customer waive any rights to sue Escape Adventure, its employees or other individuals acting on behalf of Escape Adventure for damages real, following of any kind, known, unknown, expected, unexpected, regarding or in any way connected to exploitation of activities provided by Escape Adventure.

Hereby customer accepts these terms and conditions in full and claims to follow instructions and rules specified by Escape Adventure.

b. Your responsibilities

Customers are monitored during the game by the person acting on behalf of Escape Adventure, hereinafter called "gamemaster".

Customers are obligated to follow the gamemaster's instructions.

Customers are obligated to inform the gamemaster about all medical problems that may be dangerous for them during their participation before the game begins. It is not permitted to participate in the game when individual suffers from heart problems, epilepsy, high blood pressure, claustrophobia, or similar health conditions. In case of injury there is a first-aid kit present in the reception and game master can call ambulance. If some medical impairment occurs during the game, customer is obligated to immediately notify the gamemaster.

Anytime during the game it is possible to ask the gamemaster for permission to leave the game.

The gamemaster reserves the right to prematurely cancel the game whenever he sees it necessary.

Customers unconditionally waive any compensation for medical complications or financial damages related to medical treatment and convalescence.

Escape Adventure does not tolerate aggressive behavior and consumption of illegal substances or alcohol in its premises. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs won’t be permitted to participate in the game.

Gamemaster reserves the right to refuse admittance to the game based on signs of intoxication, effects of drugs and/or aggressive behavior and that without rescheduling or refund. Participants understand that our game is based primarily on logical thinking. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive force in any part of the game. Some equipment or accessories are moveable or can be opened, but it never requires use of excessive force.

4. Confidentiality agreement

During the game experience Escape Adventure provides, you may come across or find out Escape Adventure's business practices, know-how, ordinary course of business, actual or future strategies, information about marketing strategy, financial standing, software and technological processes, methods or other aspects of Escape Adventure’s business. You hereby agree that any and all information discovered during your experience is confidential information and that Escape Adventure is only and exclusive owner of this intellectual property and confidential information. Customers are obligated to keep this information for themselves and any disclosure of information to the third party is strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden to take photographs and/or audiovisual material in the premises of Escape Adventure.

Customers hereby agree that all information and Escape Adventure's know-how is confidential information and extremely valuable to Escape Adventure. Any disclosure to third party is strictly forbidden.

5. Personal information

By booking your game through Escape Adventure's booking system on our website (or through e-mail or phone call) you agree to your personal data be processed by Escape Adventure, which will be only used for correct booking processing. Escape Adventure will use your personal data with utmost care and discretion only for informative purposes and commercial offering.

As part of our ongoing effort to guarantee you the highest standards of services, we may monitor and record your gaming experience. We also reserve the right to publish photos and video records created by us, if it is not specifically requested otherwise.